Environmmental Tree and Shrub Care

The Tree and Shrub Care Maintainer Program includes:

Inspection and overall health evaluation of plants, trees and shrubs
Disease treatments
Insect treatments
Fertilization and application of micronutrients

Your local Environmental Tree Experts aim to keep plants healthy and thriving throughout the year, in addition to monitoring plants for indications of disease or insects. Our experts in trees and shrub care use their expertise regarding dangers common to your area so that any symptoms can get treatment immediately and pests can be identified as well as controlled.

From palm trees to evergreens, fertilization assists plants (particularly young plants) in growing at ideal rates. Healthy plants and trees also resist disease and insects more naturally. Environmental Tree Experts tree and shrub care also applies specially chosen nutrients to enhance the appearance and growth of your plants. It is important to pay continual attention to shrubs and trees since lacking just one nutrient could result in the death of your plants. Foliage may not be a reliable sign of the health of your plants.