You Can Trust Long Island Environmental Tree To Do It Right

Long Island Environmental Tree | Tree Service | is a full service arboricultural firm dedicated to cost effective, professional and ethical care and preservation of landscape trees and shrubs. We are committed to providing you with the latest in cutting edge and environmentally friendly techniques and products available to our industry today. Tree Service
We use the latest technologies in minimally invasive tree injection and spray equipment to insure the greatest protection of the tree and conscientious stewardship of the environment. To increase the health and vigor of your trees and shrubs we use the most advanced slow release, biological and organic soil amendments available to put life back in the ground. Tree Service.
Long Island Environmental Tree is committed to the responsible management of our natural environment through green practices that sustain an ecological balance future generations will enjoy. Our mission is to provide superior tree trimming and landscaping products and services that not only meet the customer’s expectations, but also exceed and delight clients while remaining environmentally friendly. Our overall mission is our involvement in public education of sustainable environmental practices available within the industry. Tree Service | Tree Spraying | Organic Tree Spraying | Long Island Tree Service|Long Island Environmental Tree